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High intensity focused ultrasound is the latest technology in anti-ageing treatment.

We use high temperatures to promote regeneration of the skin cells, which reduces sagging.

Our HIFU treatment leaves your skin feeling and looking tighter. Get rid of those jowls, forehead lines and creased brows.

Besides the brows and forehead, HIFU is suitable is for tightening the stomach, getting rid of stretch marks and sagging eyelids.

It is non-invasive, which makes it ideal if you are not suitable for surgery for one reason or another.


Cryolipolysis treatment offers a non-invasive method of reducing fat in particular areas of the body. The process involves freezing the unwanted fat cells, which slashes the overall fat content in the body.

When you are looking for a weight loss technique that doesn’t require any incisions and doesn’t come with long healing times, then cryolipolysis is a suitable choice.

It involves the use of vacuum cups or pads that are placed on the chosen part causing the fat cells in that specific region to freeze without affecting the rest of the body.

Within three months or less, the frozen cells will crystallise then leave the body. We have experts who will make you look your best without gruelling diets or painful procedures.

We also over advice on how to maintain your body weight through proper eating habits and exercise.

Non-Surgical Facelifts

Do you want a smooth and tight face without having to get painful surgery? Then the non-surgical facelifts form Spire Aesthetics are what you need.

We understand that not everyone may be eligible for surgery or even want it, and that is why we offer alternative methods to lift the skin around your eyes, mouth and neck, among others.

By rejuvenating the skin through collagen production, we can make the nasolabial lines, cheeks and marionette lines look tighter than they were for that youthful and fresh appearance.

Skin tightening

Sagging skin can chip away at an individual’s confidence even when its natural.

You may have tried various solution to hide some of the effects of ageing like sagging skin to no success.

Spire Aesthetics can help you to achieve satisfactory results using a handful of tested methods.

From laser treatment to micro-needling to injections, you can get treatments to tighten the skin and bring back that younger look.

Whether you prefer surgical or non-surgical procedures for your skin tightening, Spire Aesthetics uses the latest technology and qualified professionals for all your cosmetic needs.

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