September 2020 Promotion Prices For Skin Imperfections Cambridgeshire

Here is a list of all the treatments we offer –

Below is a list of the prices of how much each area will cost –

Prices Per Areas

  • 1 Area = £179
  • 2 Areas = £229
  • 3 Areas = £279
  • 4 Areas = £329
  • 5 Areas = £379
  • 6 Areas = £429

Prices include consultation and treatment, which is all in one appointment. If a second appointment is necessary and in some cases, our consultant will let you know. We offer a 30% discount for other appointments.

You can mix & match your treatments. For example, if you would like 1 mole, 1 wart and 2 Cherry Angioma’s removed, this means you would pay for 4 areas. Or if you would like 6 warts removed you would be paying for 6 areas to be done.

Please contact us by clicking the button below which takes you to our contact page if you have any questions about the prices or treatments.

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